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Welcome to the Lake Tahoe and Beyond Photo Album!
Archived Photos from the daily updates below - CURRENT SLIDESHOW

Spring 2009
Spring 2010

Summer 2009
Summer 2010
Fall 2009
Fall 2010
Winter 2009
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Spring -- Summer -- Fall -- Winter -- Original updates before 2000

Winter Photos from the daily updates 2009

Rain at lake level and Snow very high on the mountains - January 25 2010

Sun and Snow - January 23 2010

A little sun after a week of snow - January 22 2010

Heavy Snow at Kirkwood - January 21 2010
IMG_5598.jpg IMG_5600.jpg IMG_5602.jpg IMG_5605.jpg
Snowing all night - January 21 2010
1 ft of new snow this am up on the mountains. Tahoe Queen reloading - January 19 2010
IMG_5440.jpg IMG_5441.jpg

Heavy snow arrives - January 18 2010

Nice Sunny day before a snow storm arrives tomorrow - January 16 2010

High above Lake Tahoe and Kirkwood, California - January 14 2010
IMG_5237.jpg IMG_5238.jpg IMG_5239.jpg IMG_5241.jpg
IMG_5242.jpg IMG_5243.jpg IMG_5267.jpg IMG_5270.jpg
IMG_5272.jpg IMG_5298.jpg IMG_5320.jpg IMG_5323.jpg

1 foot of new snow on the mountains today out at Kirkwood January 13 2010

IMG_4881.jpg IMG_4892.jpg IMG_4901.jpg IMG_4930.jpg
IMG_4955.jpg IMG_4962.jpg IMG_4972.jpg IMG_4973.jpg
IMG_4976.jpg IMG_4978.jpg IMG_4997.jpg IMG_5020.jpg
IMG_5028.jpg IMG_5045.jpg IMG_5048.jpg IMG_5061.jpg
IMG_5071.jpg IMG_5109.jpg IMG_5119.jpg IMG_5124.jpg
IMG_5166.jpg IMG_5190.jpg IMG_5199.jpg IMG_5234.jpg

Lake Tahoe Keys Panorama January 12 2010

Incoming storm at Kirkwood, California - January 10 2010
IMG_4712.jpg IMG_4720.jpg IMG_4729.jpg IMG_4733.jpg
IMG_4734.jpg IMG_4735.jpg IMG_4739.jpg IMG_4741.jpg
IMG_4747.jpg IMG_4748.jpg IMG_4752.jpg IMG_4757.jpg
IMG_4761.jpg IMG_4764.jpg IMG_4771.jpg IMG_4775.jpg
IMG_4781.jpg IMG_4785.jpg IMG_4786.jpg IMG_4796.jpg
IMG_4797.jpg IMG_4799.jpg IMG_4810.jpg IMG_4817.jpg

Sunny on the mountains and Foggy in Town

A wet day with snow level around 8000 feet - January 8 2010

A spring like day at Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley - January 7 2010
IMG_4577.jpg IMG_4580.jpg IMG_4582.jpg IMG_4584.jpg
IMG_4586.jpg IMG_4593.jpg IMG_4600.jpg IMG_4602.jpg
IMG_4606.jpg IMG_4609.jpg IMG_4613.jpg IMG_4614.jpg
IMG_4615.jpg IMG_4617.jpg IMG_4619.jpg IMG_4626.jpg
IMG_4628.jpg IMG_4672.jpg

Calm overcast day and evening at Lake Tahoe - January 6 2010
IMG_4434.jpg IMG_4436.jpg IMG_4441.jpg IMG_4442.jpg
IMG_4449.jpg IMG_4450.jpg IMG_4451.jpg IMG_4452.jpg
IMG_4453.jpg IMG_4460.jpg IMG_4462.jpg IMG_4466.jpg
IMG_4468.jpg IMG_4470.jpg IMG_4476.jpg IMG_4478.jpg
IMG_4500.jpg IMG_4506.jpg IMG_4523.jpg IMG_4529-marina-evening.jpg
IMG_4532.jpg IMG_4536.jpg IMG_4539.jpg IMG_4574.jpg

A nice sunny day at the Lake and a shot from Squaw Valley - January 4 2010
01-04-10_1536.jpg 01-04-10_1538.jpg IMG_4397.jpg IMG_4400.jpg
IMG_4401.jpg IMG_4402.jpg IMG_4409.jpg IMG_4412.jpg
IMG_4415.jpg IMG_4421.jpg IMG_4422.jpg IMG_4424.jpg

Sunny day with Echo Peak above South Lake Tahoe January 3 2010

Wet day up on the mountain looking toward Heavenly resort January 1 2010

South Lake Tahoe Airport January 1 2010

A dusting of new snow on an overcast day December 29 2009

The day before Christmas at the Lake and Squaw Valley - December 24 2009
IMG_4254.jpg IMG_4259.jpg IMG_4262.jpg IMG_4265.jpg
IMG_4267.jpg IMG_4269.jpg IMG_4272.jpg IMG_4273.jpg
IMG_4274.jpg IMG_4275.jpg IMG_4276.jpg IMG_4278.jpg

Blue sky day at the Lake with fine snow at Squaw Valley - December 23 2009
IMG_4181.jpg IMG_4189.jpg IMG_4190.jpg IMG_4192.jpg
IMG_4195.jpg IMG_4206.jpg IMG_4209.jpg IMG_4217.jpg
IMG_4219.jpg IMG_4221.jpg IMG_4225.jpg IMG_4226.jpg

A foot of new snow up on the mountains this morning - December 22 2009
2009-12-22-NewSnowMountains_001.jpg 2009-12-22-NewSnowMountains_002.jpg 2009-12-22-NewSnowMountains_005.jpg 2009-12-22-NewSnowMountains_006.jpg