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Welcome to the Lake Tahoe and Beyond Photo Album!
Archived Photos from the daily updates below - CURRENT SLIDESHOW

Spring 2009
Spring 2010

Summer 2009
Summer 2010
Fall 2009
Fall 2010
Winter 2009
Winter 2010
Winter 2011

Spring -- Summer -- Fall -- Winter -- Original updates before 2000

Winter Photos from the daily updates 2010

When the snow flower emerges, summer is near - May 21 2010
IMG_3664.jpg IMG_3665.jpg IMG_3667.jpg

Spring was almost here a few days ago - May 11 2010

April is a mix of a LOT of snow and great spring skiing - April 22 2010
IMG_1332.jpg IMG_1346.jpg IMG_1361.jpg IMG_1376.jpg
IMG_1377.jpg IMG_1383.jpg IMG_1388.jpg IMG_1394.jpg
IMG_1400.jpg IMG_1404.jpg IMG_1408.jpg IMG_1422.jpg

A lot of sunny days this march with great spring skiing - March 30 2010
100_0216.jpg 100_0224.jpg 100_0232.jpg 100_0398.jpg
100_0408.jpg 100_0414.jpg 100B0080.jpg 100B0190.jpg
100B0282.jpg 100B0451.jpg IMG_0982.jpg IMG_0986.jpg
IMG_0987.jpg IMG_0988.jpg IMG_1004.jpg IMG_1008.jpg
IMG_1015.jpg IMG_1016.jpg IMG_1017.jpg IMG_1059.jpg
IMG_1062.jpg IMG_1076.jpg IMG_1090.jpg IMG_1120.jpg
IMG_1124.jpg IMG_1167.jpg IMG_1193.jpg IMG_1195.jpg
IMG_1232.jpg IMG_1238.jpg IMG_1259.jpg IMG_1263.jpg
IMG_1281.jpg IMG_1294.jpg IMG_1315.jpg IMG_2657.jpg
IMG_2730.jpg IMG_3443.jpg IMG_3447.jpg IMG_3486.jpg

Panoramic Photo on a windy day from Vista above South Lake Tahoe - March 24 2010


Abandoned Iron Mountain Ski Resort is off Highway 88 on the western slope of the Sierra - March 14 2010
This ski area first opened in 1970 and the last year of operation was in 1995.
Here's a Video from the old Iron Mountain Resort
Newspaper article from back in the day when the lifts were spinning.
IMG_0936.jpg IMG_0951.jpg IMG_0954.jpg IMG_0955.jpg
IMG_0958.jpg IMG_0959.jpg IMG_0960.jpg IMG_2120.jpg
IMG_2123.jpg IMG_2124.jpg IMG_2125.jpg IMG_2429.jpg

More new snow this week with a few sunny days - March 5 2010

East Shore of Lake Tahoe

About 8 inches of snow
on the west short of the
lake and only a dusting
along the east shore

Top of KT22

through the trees in the rock
garden at Squaw Valley

snow rushing down the hill

there's some soft snow

new snow closes
Emerald Bay road due to avalanche danger

Captain Jon's boat house

Incline Village at night

Squaw Valley at night

north side of Tahoe at night

Full moon in Meyers near
South Lake Tahoe

Full moon in Meyers near
South Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay

Squaw Valley

a view of Tahoe from
Squaw Valley

That's the Squaw Valley Village below

A calm day along the
west shore of the lake

A snowy day at stateline
Nevada doesn't always
mean snow on the

Storm on the west shore
trying to make it across the lake

It may look warm, but the
water is just above freezing

Over a foot of new snow this week provided some great skiing at Kirkwood, California - February 28 2010
IMG_0709Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0711Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0714Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0715Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg
IMG_0725Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0727Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0763Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0765Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg
IMG_0775Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0779Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0780Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0784Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg
IMG_0787Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0791Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0796Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0801Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg
IMG_0802Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0806Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0807Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0821Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg
IMG_0823Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0827Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0833Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg IMG_0837Kirkwood-Skiing-.jpg

Lake Tahoe Keys and photos from mountains above South Lake Tahoe - February 23 2010
IMG_0659.jpg IMG_0660.jpg IMG_0661.jpg IMG_0663.jpg
IMG_0665.jpg IMG_0669.jpg IMG_0670.jpg IMG_0676.jpg
IMG_0686.jpg IMG_0687.jpg IMG_0693.jpg STC_0653.jpg

Squaw Valley Skiing, Emerald Bay, Fleur Du Lac and Sierra update - February 22 2010
IMG_0525.jpg IMG_0540.jpg IMG_0548.jpg IMG_0553.jpg
IMG_0559.jpg IMG_0560.jpg IMG_0563.jpg IMG_0566.jpg
IMG_0570.jpg IMG_0575.jpg IMG_0578.jpg IMG_0580.jpg
IMG_0584.jpg IMG_0592.jpg IMG_0599.jpg IMG_0610.jpg
IMG_0619.jpg IMG_0620.jpg IMG_0622.jpg STA_0611.jpg

Kirkwood Skiing on a beautiful sunny day - February 17 2010
IMG_0467.jpg IMG_0471.jpg IMG_0473.jpg IMG_0475.jpg
IMG_0476.jpg IMG_0478.jpg IMG_0479.jpg IMG_0484.jpg
IMG_0487.jpg IMG_0492.jpg IMG_0493.jpg IMG_0494.jpg
IMG_0495.jpg IMG_0507.jpg IMG_0509.jpg IMG_0513.jpg

Some nice views of Lake Tahoe and Emerald Bay from above - February 16 2010
IMG_0427.jpg IMG_0438.jpg IMG_0451.jpg IMG_0457.jpg

Panoramic Photo from Jakes Peak above Emerald Bay - February 16 2010


Panoramic Photo from Ridge above South Lake Tahoe - February 10 2010


Panoramic Photo from South Lake Tahoe, on the Ridge overlooking Carson Pass and the Lake - February 10 2010

Overcast day, Views of Lake Tahoe and Mountains - February 10 2010
IMG_0087.jpg IMG_0102.jpg IMG_0103.jpg IMG_0121.jpg

Sunny morning with a snowy afternoon, Emerald bay and Squaw Valley - February 8 2010
IMG_0011.jpg IMG_0014.jpg IMG_0016.jpg IMG_0025.jpg
IMG_0033.jpg IMG_0043.jpg IMG_0045.jpg IMG_0049.jpg
IMG_0052.jpg IMG_0054.jpg IMG_0063.jpg IMG_0077.jpg

Panoramic Photo from South Lake Tahoe, snowing to the south and sun on the lake - February 8 2010

A stormy wintry day with Emerald bay, west shore and some skiing at Squaw Valley - February 4 2010
IMG_6236.jpg IMG_6247.jpg IMG_6251.jpg IMG_6252.jpg
IMG_6254.jpg IMG_6257.jpg IMG_6265.jpg IMG_6268.jpg
Mountains during the day and a few photos of South Lake Tahoe at Night - February 3 2010
IMG_6197.jpg IMG_6199.jpg IMG_6203.jpg IMG_6204.jpg
IMG_6207.jpg IMG_6218.jpg IMG_6227_filtered.jpg IMG_6233_filtered.jpg
Panoramic Images from Squaw Valley - February 2 2010
High Camp

Top of the Palisades
Panoramic Images from this week - February 1 2010
Full tour around the lake, Squaw Valley, Emerald Bay and East Shore at Night- January 29 2010
IMG_6032-South-Lake-Tahoe-Shoreline.jpg IMG_6033-Stateline-Nevada-Shoreline.jpg IMG_6051-Emerald-Bay-Lake-Tahoe.jpg IMG_6069-Lake-Tahoe-West-Shore.jpg
IMG_6074-Lake-Tahoe-Boat-House.jpg IMG_6080-Lake-Tahoe-Heavenly-View.jpg IMG_6081-Lake-Tahoe-Bouy-Field.jpg IMG_6095-Lake-Tahoe-from-Squaw-Valley.jpg
IMG_6098-Squaw-Valley-High-Camp-Lake-Tahoe.jpg IMG_6099-Granite-Chief-Squaw-Valley.jpg IMG_6105-Incline-Village-Lake-Tahoe-Night.jpg IMG_6108-Lake-Tahoe-East-Shore-Night.jpg
A beautiful blue sky day for snow kiting at the lake - January 27 2010
IMG_5752.jpg IMG_5768.jpg IMG_5775.jpg IMG_5784.jpg
IMG_5788.jpg IMG_5797.jpg IMG_5799.jpg IMG_5804.jpg
IMG_5860.jpg IMG_5865.jpg IMG_5877.jpg IMG_5898.jpg
IMG_5903.jpg IMG_5918.jpg IMG_5923.jpg STF_5759.jpg
The full moon is this week and it's bright at night with the new snow! - January 27 2010
IMG_5952.jpg IMG_5940.jpg IMG_5943.jpg IMG_5983.jpg
IMG_5933-no-cars.jpg IMG_5954.jpg IMG_5937.jpg IMG_6002.jpg
IMG_5965.jpg IMG_6024.jpg IMG_6020.jpg IMG_5939.jpg
IMG_6011.jpg IMG_5964.jpg IMG_6015.jpg IMG_5957.jpg

Rain at lake level and Snow very high on the mountains - January 25 2010

Sun and Snow - January 23 2010

A little sun after a week of snow - January 22 2010

Heavy Snow at Kirkwood - January 21 2010
IMG_5598.jpg IMG_5600.jpg IMG_5602.jpg IMG_5605.jpg
Snowing all night - January 21 2010
1 ft of new snow this am up on the mountains. Tahoe Queen reloading - January 19 2010
IMG_5440.jpg IMG_5441.jpg

Heavy snow arrives - January 18 2010

Nice Sunny day before a snow storm arrives tomorrow - January 16 2010

High above Lake Tahoe and Kirkwood, California - January 14 2010
IMG_5237.jpg IMG_5238.jpg IMG_5239.jpg IMG_5241.jpg
IMG_5242.jpg IMG_5243.jpg IMG_5267.jpg IMG_5270.jpg
IMG_5272.jpg IMG_5298.jpg IMG_5320.jpg IMG_5323.jpg

1 foot of new snow on the mountains today out at Kirkwood January 13 2010

IMG_4881.jpg IMG_4892.jpg IMG_4901.jpg IMG_4930.jpg
IMG_4955.jpg IMG_4962.jpg IMG_4972.jpg IMG_4973.jpg
IMG_4976.jpg IMG_4978.jpg IMG_4997.jpg IMG_5020.jpg
IMG_5028.jpg IMG_5045.jpg IMG_5048.jpg IMG_5061.jpg
IMG_5071.jpg IMG_5109.jpg IMG_5119.jpg IMG_5124.jpg
IMG_5166.jpg IMG_5190.jpg IMG_5199.jpg IMG_5234.jpg

Lake Tahoe Keys Panorama January 12 2010

Incoming storm at Kirkwood, California - January 10 2010
IMG_4712.jpg IMG_4720.jpg IMG_4729.jpg IMG_4733.jpg
IMG_4734.jpg IMG_4735.jpg IMG_4739.jpg IMG_4741.jpg
IMG_4747.jpg IMG_4748.jpg IMG_4752.jpg IMG_4757.jpg
IMG_4761.jpg IMG_4764.jpg IMG_4771.jpg IMG_4775.jpg
IMG_4781.jpg IMG_4785.jpg IMG_4786.jpg IMG_4796.jpg
IMG_4797.jpg IMG_4799.jpg IMG_4810.jpg IMG_4817.jpg

Sunny on the mountains and Foggy in Town

A wet day with snow level around 8000 feet - January 8 2010

A spring like day at Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley - January 7 2010
IMG_4577.jpg IMG_4580.jpg IMG_4582.jpg IMG_4584.jpg
IMG_4586.jpg IMG_4593.jpg IMG_4600.jpg IMG_4602.jpg
IMG_4606.jpg IMG_4609.jpg IMG_4613.jpg IMG_4614.jpg
IMG_4615.jpg IMG_4617.jpg IMG_4619.jpg IMG_4626.jpg
IMG_4628.jpg IMG_4672.jpg

Calm overcast day and evening at Lake Tahoe - January 6 2010
IMG_4434.jpg IMG_4436.jpg IMG_4441.jpg IMG_4442.jpg
IMG_4449.jpg IMG_4450.jpg IMG_4451.jpg IMG_4452.jpg
IMG_4453.jpg IMG_4460.jpg IMG_4462.jpg IMG_4466.jpg
IMG_4468.jpg IMG_4470.jpg IMG_4476.jpg IMG_4478.jpg
IMG_4500.jpg IMG_4506.jpg IMG_4523.jpg IMG_4529-marina-evening.jpg
IMG_4532.jpg IMG_4536.jpg IMG_4539.jpg IMG_4574.jpg

A nice sunny day at the Lake and a shot from Squaw Valley - January 4 2010
01-04-10_1536.jpg 01-04-10_1538.jpg IMG_4397.jpg IMG_4400.jpg
IMG_4401.jpg IMG_4402.jpg IMG_4409.jpg IMG_4412.jpg
IMG_4415.jpg IMG_4421.jpg IMG_4422.jpg IMG_4424.jpg

Sunny day with Echo Peak above South Lake Tahoe January 3 2010

Wet day up on the mountain looking toward Heavenly resort January 1 2010

South Lake Tahoe Airport January 1 2010