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Lake Tahoe Mountain Biking
Tahoe Mountain Ride - South Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Mountain ride begins.

Tahoe Mountain Mountain Bike Ride The Tahoe Mountain Ride is a short one(approx 1.5 hours), but offers a few excellent panoramic views of the Sierra range, including Mt. Tallac. The ride includes on and off dirt terrain.
To find the ride you must first be in South Lake Tahoe. I like to begin the ride at the bottom of Tahoe Mountain Road. To get there you must drive west from the Y in South Lake Tahoe(Tahoe Valley). The Y is the first stop light and intersection that you come to when entering South Lake Tahoe, while driving south on the Emerald Bay road(Highway 89) coming from Tahoe City.

Killer Scenery on the Tahoe Mountain Ride!
If your coming from Highway 50 you take a left at the Intersection. Once on Lake Tahoe Blvd you drive for a couple of miles until you see a small pond on the left called Sawmill Pond. The next road on the right will be Tahoe Mountain Road. Park at the bottom of this road and the ride begins here. Climb up Tahoe Mountain Road for about a mile and take the first right and then a left and another right. After you take the last right a 100 feet on the left is a dirt road follow it up!

Stay on this dirt road until you come to a road which turns left, take the one that goes left.
This road eventually turns into single track. Once at the top great views are all around!
The single track now starts to go downhill. Be carefull on the downhill, there is a tree on the trail that comes up quick. Stay on this single track, which turns into a dirt road until you get to the bottom. At the bottom there is a road, follow it to the right. Stay on this road until coming to a residential area. Once on the pavement take a left and follow the gardner mountain road, staying left.
At the end of gardner mountain road is clement street take a left on it and there will be a gate with an Erosion project sign, follow through. Once on dirt again follow the road and turn to the right when you come to the big meadow. Now follow this dirt road out to Emerald Bay road(Highway 89) and take a right.
The off-road riding is now over! Take the Emerald Bay road to the Y intersection and make your way back to where you parked. The road part of the ride is actually quite scenic, once back on the Lake Tahoe Blvd past town.

When documenting this ride we had a flat tire as soon as we hit the residential area at Gardner mountain road(which is only a short distance from the Emerald Bay road). My friend had no spare tube, nor a pump, so I was nice enough to help out in exchange for a Micro-Brew at Dixons. This place has about 20 different Micros on Tap, so if your feeling thirsty this is the place to stop.

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Lake Tahoe CAM

Material on this site is Copyrighted. Photographs are copyrighted to the photographers who took them. If you want to use photos please ask.